We love our clients, big time. Even more when they challenge us to meet them at their point of need, and create solutions that haven’t yet been achieved. That’s when we know we are really making a difference. Then, of course, there are the obvious advantages we provide to our clients:

1. Charity & Community:

In addition to our customer’s satisfaction, our drive to give back is cornerstone of our business. Helping our local communities is what keeps us motivated to increase our sales so we have more to give back to those in need.

2. Service & Speed:

We keep our appointments and always pick up the phone. We are committed to providing Lightspeed Telecom service and customer care. If a client is out of service, that becomes our top priority. We keep our customers connected when they need it most. During 9/11 the fiber-based network serving all our downtown locations was completely operational.

3. Education & Transparency:

It is our promise to inform and educate our clients with complete knowledge, whether we are addressing their concerns or improving their services through our various products. We are always completely transparent about pricing, products, and services. Our customers are our partners, and we strive to educate them every step of the way.



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