The one time we refuse to share is when it comes down to your Internet & your business success, which is why we treat you better than the competition will.

Product Description

Unlike Verizon and Time Warner Cable, which sell shared bandwidth and require extra equipment like cable modems, Lightspeed Telecom array of plans are always simple, straightforward and backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Whether you have a symmetrical or asymmetrical plan, bandwidth is guaranteed at all times, 365 days a year. So you’ll have the peace of mind that you won’t incur sluggish network performance at peak times. With plans that fit every business need, Lightspeed Telecom will get your business up and running with Internet in matter of days, not weeks or months. As the world moves its operating systems to the cloud, a solid, robust and reliable Internet connection is key to business success.

Here are some key differences with our competitors

Never Shared Bandwidth
with your office neighbors

Provide Service Level Agreement with all plans

Have quick turn connectivity (“uptimes”) in lit buildings

One static IP Address included with your service

No Modem or DSL router required

Lightspeed Telecom Network

Lightspeed Telecom ultra-fast low latency fiber based network is the heart and soul of all our offerings.  At its core, this fully redundant state of the art routing equipment is connected to multiple Tier 1 providers, using the most sophisticated routing protocols to ensure our customers connectivity (“uptime”) of 99.99 %. We have dual POE’s into our fully owned & operated data center, multiple UPS systems and an in-house diesel generator, which all provide the resiliency needed to run today’s growing business needs.

Dedicated Bandwidth

Dedicated Bandwidth means that you are never connected to a node with other subscribers, and that you always get exactly the throughput you pay for. Lightspeed Telecom Service Level Agreement guarantees your bandwidth at all times, 365 days a year



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